Board of Review


  • Tuesday after the first Monday in March
  • Schedule set for property owner appeals as needed
  • Community Services Center Board Room
    2074 Aurelius Road
    Holt, MI 48842


Name Term Expiration Year
John Craig (Member) 2019
Maury Mahieu (Member) 2019
Jane Wallin (Member) 2019
John Drolett (Alternate Member) 2019

Member Details

Members are appointed by the Supervisor and approved by the Township Board. Members serve two year terms.


The Township Board of Review meets with the assessor on the Tuesday after the first Monday in March for the organizational meeting and to review the tentative assessment role. Then a schedule is set for the Board of Review to hear appeals from property owners regarding the assessments on their properties. After the board of review has considered all the appeals, it votes to approve or deny the assessed values or tentative taxable values.