Absentee Voting

You can vote from home! Anyone can vote absentee and you don't need a reason. No lines. No time crunch. No hassle.

Request an absentee ballot application.

How to Request

You can request an application from the Clerk's Office any of these ways:

  1. Sign an application (PDF) and mail to:
    Evan Hope, Delhi Township Clerk
    2074 Aurelius Road
    Holt, MI 48842
    Fax: 517-699-3881
  2. Email the Clerk, Evan Hope
  3. Call 517-694-2135

Be on the permanent AV list

Sign up to be on the permanent list and vote from home!

When on this list you'll receive an absent voter application for every election. Just return the application and you'll receive a ballot as soon as they are available.

You'll enjoy having more time to research everything on the ballot. No more surprises at the polls to see a long ballot you weren't expecting. No more lines! No time crunch! No hassle!

Sign up for the list here.

Note: You will first receive an application for every every election. The application must be signed and returned to receive a ballot. 

Track your absentee ballot

Visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to track your absentee ballot.