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Delhi Charter Township Public Services Department

Evening and Weekend Sewer Emergency Line: 517- 694-9231

POTW Division
(Publicly Owned Treatment Works)

5961 McCue Road - Holt, MI  48842
Phone:  517- 69
9-3873   email

The Delhi Charter Township Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat a wastewater flow of 4.0 million gallons per day.

Primary treatment is accomplished through shredding, grit removal, and primary settling. 

Secondary treatment consists of activated sludge followed by secondary settling. The plant also has tertiary treatment that includes a nitrification tower and a polishing lagoon.

Disinfection is accomplished by chlorination of the nitrification tower effluent prior to flow through the polishing lagoon. Two additional lagoons are available for high flow storage or additional detention.

Dechlorination occurs naturally or is enhanced with Sodium Bisulfite treatment. 

Solids handling consists of a Class A anaerobic digestion combined heat and power system followed by gravity thickening and finally beneficial reuse through application to farm fields as fertilizer.

The Township Recycling Center is adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant; plant personnel maintain the facility throughout the year.


Delhi Charter Township Public Services Department

Maintenance Division

1492 Aurelius Road - Holt, MI  48842
Phone:  517- 69
9-3874   email

The Maintenance Division of the Public Services Department provides a wide variety of maintenance tasks to the Township infrastructure, buildings and grounds, cemeteries and vehicles.

The Maintenance Division answers calls for sewage back-ups in those areas served by sanitary sewers. The department also has equipment to clean and inspect main lines in the public right-of-way and roads.

If you experience a problem with your sewer, you can receive a response by calling (517) 694-9231 (24) hours a day.  Please do not use email for sewer emergencies.  This phone number is the only contact for 24 hour response.

The Township and the Holt Public Schools Stormwater program is managed through the Public Services Department. The department performs mandatory catch basin cleaning and inspections for Township and school properties.

The Public Services Department also hosts the Township's brush collections, including free brush drop off days. Paper yard waste bags can be collected through the year at the Maintenance Division for a fee. Call the Maintenance Division office at (517) 699-3874 for additional information.

Community gardens are available through the Public Services Department to Township residents at no cost at two locations. Additional information is available by calling (517) 699-3874.


Public Services Department Staff

Sandra Diorka, Director of Public Services

Jeff Ranes, POTW Chief Plant Operator

Ryan Ackels, Maintenance Supervisor

Eva Walacavage, Administrative Secretary

Ami Weaver, Secretary

Allen Bryant, Environmental Coordinator

Nicholas Martinson, GIS/Asset Management Specialist

Nicholas Neeb, POTW Operator III

Corey Smith, POTW Operator III

Noah Trigo, POTW Operator II

Randy Bolley, POTW Operator II

Chip Garlock, Maintenance Mechanic II

Michael Gibbs, Maintenance Mechanic II

Roger DeYoung, Maintenance Mechanic II

Roger Adams, Maintenance Mechanic II

Todd Hathaway, Maintenance Mechanic II

Raymond Harris, Maintenance Mechanic II

Derrick Karber, Maintenance Mechanic I


Public Services Department Contact Information

Delhi Township Public Services Department

POTW Division
(Publicly Owned Treatment Works)

5961 McCue Road - Holt, MI  48842

Phone:  517- 699-3873 

Office hours:  M-F 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Maintenance/Safety Division

1492 Aurelius Road - Holt, MI  48842

Phone:  517- 699-3874


Office hours:  M-F 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Evening and Weekend Sewer Emergency Line: 694-9231
(do not use email for sewer emergencies)


Various Wildlife at the Delhi Township POTW

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